Summary of the 7th episode of the Turkish TV series Windy

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Missed the series Windy 7 episode? I tell you in detail what happened there.

Windy 7 episode

Genul tearfully approaches the newlyweds and with shaking hands takes out a gold jewelry from a red box. She puts the necklace on Reyan’s neck, not hiding her tear-stained eyes.

Genul manages to hiss in Miran’s ear so that he does not forget that she is his wife.

At this time, the fucked-up Azat at the wheel resets a call from his mother. His attitude is quite decisive: he furiously beats the steering wheel with his palms, shouting that he will not give Reyan to anyone.

And Khazar approaches Miran and invites him to dance: according to tradition, father and son should dance the dance of big swans, spreading their arms like wings, alternately squatting and circling opposite each other, looking straight into their eyes.

Khazar’s eyes are glowing, and Miran is smoking at the bride’s father like a bull on a red rag.

Yaren and happy Gul are walking down the street with a beautiful red ball.

Firat stops Yaren, trying to start a conversation in order to return the dropped bracelet.

Gul’s balloon flew up, she is trying to get it by bouncing.

But Azat jumps out of the approaching car and causes a mess in the yard in front of everyone present.

He is obviously drunk, runs into a scandal and tries to hit Miran.

But getting to his feet, Azat attacks Miran again.

Azat, badly beaten by Miran, snatches a pistol from his pants and shoots. But there is no Miran in the path of the bullet…
… the bullet flies straight towards baby Gul…

A couple of seconds later, a little girl Gul is lying on the ground in a pool of blood, who turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A red balloon soars into the sky, and the baby no longer sees it.

Here everyone realizes what happened. Azat is shocked and suddenly sobered up, but nothing can be returned.

The wedding day ended with a shot at the baby.

Instead of calling an ambulance, everyone is crying around the girl, wasting precious time to save Gul.

Nasuh threatens Azat if anything happens to Gul.

At this time, Miran is traveling with Reyan in an unknown direction.

Finally, an ambulance arrives, the girl is taken to the hospital. A crowd of relatives runs next to the gurney, wailing and sobbing.

Here the door of the operating room closes behind the gurney, the relatives can only wait at the door.

Sipping her fragrant coffee, Grandma Azize is waiting for pleasant news. Here the Sultan and Genul come in and report the murder to the baby.

But Aziza’s grandmother tells her not to get upset, because the wedding didn’t go wrong, so everything is fine.

Even these two women are suffering from what happened, and the grandmother continues to breathe evenly.

Yaren cries and regrets that if she had stopped the wedding (and she could have done it), there would not have been a terrible shot.

The father chastises daughter Yaren and son Azat that they are both a disgrace to him.

At this time, Miran, sitting in the car, drives tender thoughts to Reyan, trying to regain his rage and anger. Reyan tries to talk about the fact that Azat is not bad, he just flew off the roof. But Miran rudely interrupts the girl, which slightly scares her.

Then the car kind of stalled. The engine won’t start. And they are somewhere on a deserted highway in the dark of night.

Miran wants to go look for a gas station, but Reyan goes with him, taking her husband by the hand and looking at him with love and full trust, which cannot be said about hubby.

Khandan tries to calm Zihra down, but she only becomes enraged, because it is Khandan’s son and daughter Yaren who constantly do nasty things to Reyan.

— You should be ready for any outcome, her condition is very serious — the nurse who came out for a couple of seconds tells the relatives.

The girl is being prepared for surgery to stop the bleeding in her head.

Khandan finds Azat and informs him that the baby is undergoing surgery.

Miran and Reyan are walking along the highway, the only passing car passes by without stopping.

Reyan sits down on the ground from fatigue, Miran wants to carry her in his arms and blows on the frozen hands of a girl in a wedding dress.

He explains his behavior in the car, justifying his sudden rude shout and asks not to be offended.

Reyan did not think to be offended, because her love, like no one else’s, is so blind.

She is sure that as long as he is around, she is not afraid of anything, because no one will harm her.

The newlyweds continue their journey along the deserted highway.

Genul shouts at his grandmother, saying that she warned that Miran fell in love and now they are not at the agreed place, in the hotel, but they are somewhere else.

Reyan notices an abandoned hut, they enter the house and settle down for the night.

Oh, and I doubt Miran didn’t set up this trick… so that the car broke down just near this abandoned hut. He easily knocks out the door with his shoulder and they get into the house.

A lit kerosene lamp makes the room brighter and even cozy.

A few splinters, as if prepared in advance, a drop of fuel from a canister standing right there, and here… the warmth from the lit fireplace envelops a young couple in this deserted place.

Azize is smoothing the grave of her son, for whom she has been steaming her revenge all her life, the result of which should happen this very night.

The woman is crying and suffering.You can understand her, because she lost her son. But does she really think that revenge can make up for the pain of losing her son?

Meanwhile, Miran takes revenge on Shadoglu by deceiving Reyan in the house opposite the fireplace.

It didn’t happen the way Reyan dreamed, but she takes it for granted. After all, she thinks that everything will work out and their happy family life will continue.

Women look at each other with hatred near the operating room, although right now their feelings are in tune, no one has hatred except the baby’s mother. She continues to blame Azat and his family for what happened.

The nurse takes out the girl’s bloodstained belongings and informs her that the operation is beginning.

Everyone is crying, sorting through Gul’s dress with a bloody flower.

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